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PhotoScope allows you to create photo collages with friends:

  1. Pick a proportion, e.g. 4:3
  2. Choose a size for your collage, e.g. 3x2 to eventually have 6 photo placeholders
  3. Shoot the first photo
  4. Send the link to your friends to let them continue
  5. After finishing the collage get the final image and share it or keep it private ;)

PhotoScope works in mobile Safari on iOS 12+ and in Chrome on Android 7+, as well as in all the modern desktop browsers.

Photo with remote friends

Want a cool idea for a photo of you with your remote friends? Try PhotoScope!
Make a selfie photo collage of two, three, four or up to nine friends — all remotely.

Privacy Policy

All the intermediate photos uploaded to PhotoScope, and final generated collage images are publicly available on the internet through the direct links. The direct links are obfuscated, e.g. /b86d2e435c to have billions of possible combinations to be hard to guess or pick using brute force.

PhotoScope keeps unfinished and finished collages for at least 24 hours since uploading of any photo, final or intermediate. After 24-48 hours after uploading of any photo all the collage data is being deleted.

No personalized data, except the photos uploaded by the users, is being collected or stored in any form by PhotoScope.

Non-personalized usage statistics may be collected by PhotoScope or third-party services such as Firebase Analytics.


Please, send any feedback, questions or suggestions to km@kon.stant.in.